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Available Territories 

Phone number & Email

Saint Lazar, Hudson, Rigaud

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Coteau Du Lac, Les Cedres, Pincourt,

Ile Perrot & surroundings


  Cory Marsan &  Annika Marks


Operating Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Season start: April 15

Season End: November 15

Our Specialty Services


Garden Upgrades and Restorations

We love overgrown Properties and Gardens! They always get out of hand. -But they don't last too long with us around! Our approach to change is instant, fast, economical and BIG.

Let's start and a new beginning for your outdoor surroundings. Our Efficiency and Economical values brings quality to your money spent! Let's schedule an Estimate. 


Landscape Maintenance to Existing Design

Our clients start a new beginning with GreenControl.GardenServices

 -A reality of improvement and management on the gardens and property. We notice and fix errors, we organize and tidy things up. We help to reduce those headaches! Seasonal Maintenance is also improvements with us! Of-course, no need for massive budget.. We are Resourceful.

Let us Take care of the garden chores for you! 


Perennial Divisions & Transplanting

Plants are expensive, why not relocate what you already have? We transform existing gardens into something new, with just our hard work, experience, knowledge and a value for economical improvements.. What you have is a

Gold Mine! Let us weed out the distractions and use your assets to the full potential.

More Services

Anything your gardens will need.


Spring & Fall Cleanup


Weed Control & Removal

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Even more Services

We provide a general garden improvement service, we introduce the services you need the most..


Native Wildflower Inclusion


Edging and Garden Design


Mulch and Garden Protection

It's a core value of ours to plant what belongs. Plant what will thrive here, and plant what is best for our planet. This means Native Flowers will attract the butterflies, bees and all the pollinators we love to see in our gardens. Lots of colour and variety to keep the scenery going all season long. Lets take care of things in a natural way!

Green Juices

Our Green Standard


-Economical and Resourceful approach to sustainable gardening

-It's our desire to make beautiful and  incredible improvements

-We simplify and Beautify, what others might find overwhelming.

-Regain control of the weeds!!


-Higher Quality for your gardens, plants and backyard ecosystem

-Let us complete those stubborn garden chores, But lets make it better!


-Finally Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of a managed Estate.

Before and After Photos


History and Public Service

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